Wednesday, December 3, 2008


During the first week of EVERY MONTH I will be posting a blog or two to promote the cause of Just to keep the cause fresh and available to new readers. For as all blogger know, many readers come and go and attracting a consistent following is a challenge and who goes back through all the archive posting to get a complete overview of a bloggers writings anyway?

So here it goes. MRJACKET.COM NEEDS HELP. I'm looking an 'angle' funding partner to develop the site, or someone (+) who will partner with me and do the technical work in developing the web site I do not have any partners at this time (or money). I have owned this URL for 10 years (been sitting on it because I have been too busy with other matters in life).

There is a demo posted on the URL to give one an idea of the concept. It's an Outerwear Portal. The revenue model is based, initially, on affiliate commissions. 75% of revenue will be reinvested in advertising to promote the site use and as the site matures other site appeal aspects can be added such as product reviews and live style issues. With increased traffic other revenue streams can be captured.

And with success I would eventually like to create a MrJacket brand apparel label.

Well, I could go on and on but this is not the place. This is just a teaser notice. Thanks and spread the word. P.S. sorry for the fashion faux pas photo. I'm not very photogenic or good looking for that matter but I thought I'd post this picture to make this plea more personal.

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