Friday, December 12, 2008

How does the US economy affect US fashion?

It's no secrete now to anyone, even the most unwitting among us. The world economy is in a tail spin. It started with the sub prime mortgage melt down and has now spread into what economists call the real economy. That means you, anyone who has a job or must work for a living.

If you've ever seen a tail spin you can sense what will come next. Eject.......Crash! Eject=Bailout, we are seeing that now with government (taxpayers) bailout of the largest US banks and the largest US insurance company - AIG via the TARP fund. This might save the pilot but the plane is probably going to crash and burn. You will recognize the crash when you witness what happened during the last 'great depression', the failure of insurance companies and then the pension funds, leaving a great population of Americans who have saved all their lives, with next to nothing.

Sorry for such an unhappy introduction to fashion post but there is no sense in pretending that everything is OK and this is just another bump in the American dream road.

So how will fashion reflect these economic changes? Will fashion reflect these economic changes? It usually does. Will the hem lines go down. Will dark colors be in. Will the fedora make a come back?
Will fashion lead the new reality or will it follow? Does anybody know?

I'm a guy. A straight guy. I don't live for fashion but, like most men, I like to look good. Here are my outerwear fashion predictions for men in 2009. 1) The baseball jacket, the insulated ones, like the old spring training Starter jackets, ribbed around the waist and cuffs. My favorite is the old NY Yankees navy blue letters on white. 2) Continuing with a similar look, the old school letterman jacket....without the letters. and finally, 3) all outerwear that has a rural lifestyle working man bent.

I think we are going into a period of our national history that will for a time, result in a less wealthy consumer population which will result in a more conservative lifestyle which will be reflected in a more rugged durable fashion plain and simple. Wealth will be down played and fashion will reflect happiness of the good man, of everyman.


  1. What a delightful insight to a world economy problem. I like that you have looked at this in a different light to others I think fashion does follow mood and time, as we move through time so our wardrobe grows. As a jacket man I was curious to know if you own such a jacket as the one in my name ?

    I belive this currently reflects my current mood, ""It's raining, its going to keep raining"" I think a global econmony t-shirt is a long way off!

  2. The jacket is look good ,but now is spring,do you have someT-shirt