Monday, December 8, 2008

Walking Coat

What is a Walking Coat? I've searched the internet over.....nothing. I've searched Wikipedia....nothing. I suppose there is nothing mysterious or difficult about defining a walking coat. You're going for a country walk on a cold, snowy winter day and you grab the coat that makes the most sense to you. If it is a sunny day with a lite breeze you would grab a warm jacket that is snug around the waist and wrists. The one with a fur or fleece collar that turns up high around the neck. If the wind was blowing with snow in the air, you would grab a longer coat. One that covers the waist below your pants pockets. The one with a hood.

OK. That was a country walk but how about the walk from work to lunch, downtown, 3 blocks away or to the parking lot or train station? Well, you can't just look on your coat rack a pick out a coat for the occasion, you're at work. No, you throw on the one you wore to work. Your standard work issue waist long or over coat, hat, gloves and scarf; and out you go.......for a walk.

When you're shopping this year for coats, keep those walks in mind. Your country casual walk. Your going to work, going to lunch, going home walk. Keep winter weather in mind. Snowy windy days and early nights. Sunny but bitter cold days and early nights. If you can afford it, have several. Don't fall short with one all purpose winter coat.


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